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At Matic Design and Build, we’re dedicated to elevate the construction journey, providing our clients with unparalleled experiences at every turn. With extensive experience in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, our team serves as your ultimate advocate, ensuring perfection in every aspect.

As a comprehensive construction and luxury remodeling firm, we prioritize efficiency, top-notch service, and impeccable craftsmanship. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every client’s vision becomes a stunning reality. Specializing in residential properties, we strive to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

We want to build homes, not just houses.


Design and build is a comprehensive approach to construction that seamlessly integrates the design and construction phases of a project. With this method, clients work with a single entity from the initial concept and planning stages through to completion, streamlining the process and fostering greater collaboration.

Design and build firms often employ architects, engineers, and construction professionals under one roof, allowing for efficient communication and coordination. This integrated approach not only ensures a smoother workflow but also promotes cost-effectiveness and faster project delivery.

Ultimately, design and build offer clients a cohesive and efficient solution for bringing their vision to life, with a focus on innovation, quality, and client satisfaction.

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At Matic Design and Build, we want to deliver excellence. For this to happen we have to operate in a manner consistent with our values and in compliance with our ethical principles.

  • Passion
    • A deep desire to get it right
    • We love Design and don’t go with the easiest choice
    • We are enthusiastic about our job
    • Small things matter and will make the difference
  • Professionalism
    • Product to newest standards and codes
    • We ensure to meet budget and timelines 
    • Streamline communication for best results
  • Integrity
    • Highest Level of honesty, ethics and moral
    • Develop personal relationships and connections
    • We see each project as our own and treat it like that
  • Responsiveness
    • Communication is key
    • We are always there for you
    • With our process we keep everyone up to date and minimize mistakes
  • Excellence
    • We hold the highest standards to ourselves and our contractors
    • Long term partnerships are important for us
    • Qualified supplier and contractor network

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